Christmas 2016 ..December so far

This is my second blog for December, my first about my dear son Gavin looking after all the children in Heaven.

A lot has happened in December, the cycling continues, even though the weather has been poor, dirty wet roads, increased traffic and the hours of lightness reduced all make for difficult riding. Many cyclists combine road cycling and “Indoor Roller Cycling” at this time of year, to keep their fitness levels topped up ready for the time in the spring when more favourable conditions present themselves. There is also the “Spinning” scene, static Gym bikes combined with music and an instructor brings a whole new level to “cycling” I was “lucky” enough to get a slot on a 24 hour “Spin-a-thon” that was being organised by Trax Fitness at West Wick, Weston super Mare. (Click on the link to see more about Trax Fitness) This was organised for charity. Tracey Beck originally planned two spin bikes but the support was such that she had TEN bikes set up, all to be used over a 24 hour period. 10pm until 10pm. I did an hour at 9am-10am, and having never taken a spin class let alone a tough rigorous music enhanced workout I arrived about half an hour early to see what was involved, the intense workout was in full flow, in fact Tracey would be instructing all 24 hours herself. I have been regularly cycling 40-50 miles a week but this was no preparation to what was coming! Needless to say I was determined not to crack and I managed to do the full hour without stopping. The Sweat was pouring but it was fun, made fun by the way Tracey worked us. At the end of that hour I was shattered, some of my fellow 10 riders were doing 1 hour 2 hours and 3 hours. Some of the participants actually did 12-14-16 hours. It was an amazing experience and I will certainly be taking more classes with Trax Fitness.

So the Christmas lights went up in Wells, subtle and not over the top, The Swan Hotel had their display put up in front of Cathedral Green, always a nice display, very Christmassy, and draws many visitors

img_6897 img_6895

I took some photos earlier to day after church and before I went into Café Nero for my Sunday morning coffee and croissant. Of all the photos taken I am indebted to a special friend who picked out these 3 photos as being the ones to post. The Swans at The Bishops Palace, Wells 800 years of history, click the link to find out more.

img_7085 img_7082 img_7083

Saturday 17th saw the Oddballs Cycling Club have their Tinsel Ride, we managed to get 9 of us out, and even though it was damp, foggy and cold had a good ride and of course our customary breakfast. (you can click on the link at the bottom of the blog to see the ride on Strava) Always good to get out and cycle with the gang and today was no exception, although I am not really excited about riding upwards (lol) I do enjoy the challenge, so when the route was revealed, UP Burrington Combe and then DOWN Cheddar Gorge I wasn’t filled with joy, but a ride is a ride. It is only my 3rd time up Burrington and I still don’t make it in one g, but, to be honest it doesn’t worry me, eventually after 3 or 4 stops, I still make it to the top, and the reward is still good. I like to push myself, but its all about the enjoyment, and to be on top the combe is very enjoyable lol. Along the top of the Mendips to the crossroads where we go right and pass the Yoxter Rifle Range, down passed Charterhouse and to join the Priddy road before dropping down onto the 5km to the bottom of the Gorge. Some of the guys let the wind blow and speed down through the twisting road down through the Gorge. Me, I like to take it slow, use brakes where I need to and don’t take any risks, as coming off at speed down here could be fatal. One of our club came off last year and was lucky to have a good quality helmet as it split in two, could have been a lot worse. So we meet in the carpark at The Riverside Inn, Cheddar to group up before travelling on to The Sidcot Arms, Brewers Fayre, Sidcot for breakfast. It has become a favourite, with brilliant personal service and an amazing breakfast including cereals, pastries, unlimited coffee and tea and full cooked breakfast, highly recommended! The ride to Sidcot was brisk, I was bringing up the rear as usual but the breakfast and banter was superb. Our rides are very relaxed and ALWAYS includes a breakfast, and usually ranging from 30-50 miles depending on start and finish. Next Saturday Christmas Eve so maybe another one before the 25th! Click this link to find out more about Boardman Bikes and Oddballscycling

img_7028 img_7031 img_7037 img_7038 img_7040 img_7041 img_7043 img_7045 img_7049 img_7050 img_7056

The Christmas OddBalls: Me, Sandra, Richard, Willy, James, Daniel, Jason, Clive and Craig


Wednesday 14th December was a happy day for me, I finally made the decision to quit my job, I have been unhappy there since August and the decision was made so much easier on this day. Anyway that is a closed chapter in my working career, and I now move on to better things, I start my new job on January 9th.

Christmas, a time of year for families to come together with friends and celebrate the birth of Jesus, a Christmas blog for next weekend


The Oddballs Tinsel Ride


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