Welcome to my blog – A Sheep in Solitude


Hi, my name is Keith

This is my Blog page, all things everything

Travel, Current Affairs, News, Sports, Adventures, Personal Challenges and much more. I am a Dad, Grandad, Christian.

Adventurer, Cyclist-100 mile club, Climber, Golfer, Multiple Marathon Runner, and Ultra Marathon

Travel is my passion with many dear friends throughout the world I have travelled far and wide throughout my life.

2020 – a Big Year for me and my Best Friend 

Travel 2019

Australia, Majorca, ??

Travel 2018

Hong Kong, Perth, Sydney, Australia ; Hong Kong, Sydney;

Korea; Hong Kong; Helsinki

Travel 2017

January -Hong Kong Charity Concert

Far East March

Europe July   

Travel 2016:

March: Visiting Friends in Hong Kong

Easter: KIMS- Kids International Ministry, 7 Day Volunteering work in Philippines.

June: Visiting friends in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

The Bible – YouVersion……..  Bible app

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, Its about learning to dance in the wind”

“To cherish in our hearts what our hands have lost forever”

Croissants, any type of croissant and Chai Latte……….. the best way to start the day

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7 thoughts on “Welcome to my blog – A Sheep in Solitude

  1. I was deeply moved by your shared love from the heart,at the loss of Gavin , my GRANDFATHER who was a great believer ,always told me “God only takes the best ” and I’m sure Gavin plays a vital part in looking after little Angels x

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  2. Thank you Marilyn, it was a long time coming to be able to share, but the response from here and other media sites, and in other parts of the world has been overwhelming and very supportive….x

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  3. You have been blessed with a God given gift to not only put your God given journey into articulate words but also to expose your heart and soul to others and making yourself vulnerable like this not only inspires others but gives God all the glory!!!
    You are a humble man with a beautiful soul!!! Heart felt sentiments ❤️

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  4. Your blogs are inspirational and it is a shame that you haven’t kept this up!
    You have a God given gift for sharing your inner thoughts and desires and you both encourage and inspire others.
    Would be great if you continued with your thought provoking messages

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Sue,
      Thank you so much
      I have not written for some time
      Perhaps now is the time? I have felt more lately that I should, and have asked God and my spiritual friends
      Watch this space!

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